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Food Processing Industry

The food processing industry is heavily regulated yet remains highly competitive. Profitability depends on efficient operations, and many times, efficiency depends on the products and systems used in your manufacturing processes.

Increasing efficiency in your processes, and bulking up your bottom line, is easier than you think. At FH Mason, we work with you as part of your team to develop the right systems for your specific needs and requirements.

Those in the food processing industry find many top brand products in the following categories:

Food Processing Industry Applications

Dust Detection: and solids flow monitoring ensures a healthy and safe environment for your employees. It also helps your food processing business maintain compliance with air quality regulations.

Dust Collection: and filtration systems help keep your food processing operations running safely and at peak capacity. This leads to less downtime and higher productivity. We at FH Mason are more than happy to walk you through the selection process and answer your questions!

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps: are used throughout the food processing industry. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are even used to lift, hold and release objects. Want to extend shelf life and eliminate odors? Try using a liquid ring pump to remove air during packaging!

Vacuum Cleaning & Loading: A clean facility is much more likely to remain compliant with combustible dust regulations – and it is a better place to work too! Do you have to empty a mixer at the end of a batch or clean up around storage hoppers and bins? A vacuum cleaning system or vacuum loader will help.

Learn more with this NASH Vacuum Pump and Compressor for the Sugar Industry PDF:

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Automotive Manufacturing

Many auto manufacturing facilities rely on FH Mason to help guide them in choosing the right products for their unique situations, including:

Dust Detection: Auto manufacturing facilities depend upon Auburn Systems' TRIBO Product Line for their dust detection needs. Identify filter problems before they shut you down.

Dust Collection: needs are met expertly with our line from Donaldson® Torit®. Let the experts at FH Mason help you find the right solution for your facility.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps: are perfect for those deeper vacuum applications like test stands and altitude chambers.

Vacuum Cleaning: systems keep your body in white and paint finishing operations clean and safe. They lower your maintenance expenses too!

Automotive & Manufacturing Industry Applications

Learn more with the following brochures for Auburn Systems' TRIBO Product Line:

Read 3200 Brochure Read 3600 Brochure
Power Generation Industry Applications

Power Generation

FH Mason helps you keep the lights on with a variety of name brand products. We want to earn your trust through our commitment to service, value-added engineering and the best manufacturers in the business.

To help you continue to provide electricity to the people in your service area we offer flexible solutions and competitive prices with the following products:

One way to improve system efficiency and allow the utility to produce more power using the same amount of fuel is to remove non-condensable gases from your condenser system.

Learn more with this NASH Vacuum Systems for the Power Industry PDF:

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Chemical Processing

Like many process industries, chemical plants in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana utilize multiple products from FH Mason to increase productivity and decrease downtime.

Blowers, including centrifugal, positive displacement and regenerative, are used in many chemical processes including aeration, agitation, drying, mixing, and bulk material transport.

Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps and compressors are used in many applications including reactor venting, solvent recovery and waste gas compression to name just a few. Deeper vacuum may be obtained with a hybrid system utilizing ejectors or blowers. We’ll help you select the best system for your process.

Our engineered systems are designed and built to assure safe and reliable operation. You will find many top-brand products in the following categories:

Chemical Processing Industry Applications

Learn more with this NASH Vacuum Systems for the Chemical Industry PDF:

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Paper Processing Industry Applications

Paper Processing

The paper industry relies on NASH Vacuum Pumps. From flat box to press, we’ll help you remove water from the paper stock as it moves through the machine. If you’re operating a larger machine, it could require 10 to 12 pumps with a total power consumption over 2,000 HP. We’ll help you find ways to lower the power requirement and water consumption with unique products like the Nash Eco-Flo cone upgrade.

Working with Nash field service technicians and facilities, FH Mason offers boroscope inspections to estimate the condition of installed equipment, comprehensive repair services, and remanufactured equipment.

Patented by Louis Nash in 1905, the NASH liquid ring pump continues to be well-known and trusted within the paper industry. Improve efficiency, reduce liquid consumption and expand your operating range. Let FH Mason help you choose the liquid ring pump that works best for your application!

Learn more with this NASH Vacuum Systems for the Paper Industry PDF:

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FH Mason works with many industries in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, including food processing, automotive manufacturing, power generation, chemical processing, and the pulp and paper industry.

Our industrial level products include centrifugal blowers, positive displacement blowers, liquid ring vacuum pumps, dust collection, dust detection, and vacuum cleaning and loading systems.

Major brands we represent include Gardner Denver, Auburn Systems, Donaldson Torit, Hoffman® and Lamson®, GD NASH with Siemens Elmo, Monarch II Systems, Multi-Vac, and Universal Blower Pac.

FH Mason works with many industries!

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