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Auburn Systems

  • Triboflow dust detection systems
  • Triboflow solids flow monitoring

Dust Detection & Monitoring

Many industries require dust detection and solids flow monitoring to ensure a healthy and safe environment for employees. It’s also important to stay compliant with regulations regarding air quality.

That’s why we offer Auburn Systems dust detection systems and solids flow monitoring. Auburn Systems developed the first electrostatic/triboelectric (TRIBO) dust detectors and solids flow monitors to measure fine particles like dust, powder, and bulk solids to control emissions and create a healthier working environment.

Any company that wants to detect problems with its dust collection filters, monitor air quality, or reduce maintenance downtime will benefit from Auburn Systems’ series of dust detection products.

Auburn Systems' products offer a range of outputs and communication options for your convenience. You can even keep track of conditions outside of your ductwork, too, with Auburn's ambient fugitive dust sensor!

TRIBO monitors help you to stay compliant with regulations, create a safe and healthy environment for workers, reduce dust explosion hazards, and lessen wear and tear on equipment.

Find Out More About Dust Detection

Check out our page on dust detection. We’ve compiled more information about these systems and how they can improve your working conditions:

Dust Detection

Donaldson Torit Products

  • Tubular and envelope style bag filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Cyclones
  • Aftermarket filters for all makes and brands

Dust Collection & Filtration

Clean, breathable air is difficult to achieve in some work settings, but that’s what Donaldson Torit excels at. Since 1915, Donaldson Torit has offered reliable dust collection and filtration systems designed to help you remove dust, powder, and other fine particles from the air.

Donaldson Torit dust collection and filtration systems are made to keep your operation running at peak capacity, so you have less downtime and are more productive. Donaldson Torit offers an excellent selection of dust collectors and filters for you to choose from. We at FH Mason are more than happy to walk you through the selection process and answer your questions!

Additional benefits include:

  • Help with your combustible dust compliance strategy
  • Recirculate filtered air for energy efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Learn More About Dust Collection & How It Impacts Your Business

For additional information about dust collection products that can improve your processes and workflow, please view:

Dust Collection

Gardner Denver Nash (Hoffman®, Lamson®, and Invincible)

  • Central vacuum cleaning systems
  • Portable vacuum cleaning systems
  • Exhausters
  • Blowers

Engineered Vacuum Systems

The centrifugal products lineup at Gardner Denver Nash includes the Hoffman®, Lamson®, and Invincible brand names.

Gardner Denver Nash with Hoffman and Lamson offers an extensive selection of centrifugal blowers and exhausters. Combined with Invincible, these three brands provide excellent engineered vacuum cleaning systems that impact your productivity!

Choose from 22 high performance models including single and multistage centrifugal or regenerative designs.

  • Flow Ranges: 90 to 41,000 CFM
  • Pressures: to 22 PSIG
  • Vacuum: to 17.6" Hg

If you’re searching for a vacuum system, blower, or exhauster, give us a call! We’re here to answer questions, offer suggestions, and help find solutions that work for you.

Choose the Best Vacuum System for Your Application

For additional information regarding the Gardner Denver lineup, including how to choose the best vacuum system for your application, please view:

Download PDF

Gardner Denver Nash (NASH, Garo, Kinema, and Siemens-Elmo)

  • Vacuum pumps
  • Compressors
  • Steam ejectors

Industry Leaders in Liquid Ring Pumps and Accessories

The liquid ring product lineup at Gardner Denver includes the NASH, Garo, and Siemens-Elmo brand names; each a recognized leader in the industry.

NASH is a very well-known name in liquid ring pumps. In fact, it was patented by Louis Nash in 1905, and NASH engineering was created. In 2004, Gardner Denver NASH was created when Gardner Denver acquired NASH.

Our line of liquid ring pumps improve efficiency, reduces liquid consumption, and expands your equipment’s operating range. Let us help you choose the liquid ring pump that works best for your application!

NASH Liquid Ring Pumps:

  • Flat and conically ported designs
  • Vacuum capacities up to 23,000 CFM
  • Compressor capacities up to 9,400 CFM

When combined with a Kinema ejector or a booster blower, NASH hybrid systems can reach suction pressures of 10 Torr.

How Will Your Application Benefit from Liquid Ring Pumps?

Find out more about the benefits of liquid ring pumps, and how they're typically used in applications:

Liquid Ring Pumps

Metso Minerals

  • Holo-Flite processor

Holo-Flite: Indirect Heat Exchanger Systems

Need a processor for heating, drying, or cooling? The Holo-Flite indirect thermal processor can be used in a wide range of applications for heating, drying, and cooling. Some of the top uses for the Holo-Flite include:

  • Cooling calcium carbonate, iron oxides, fly ash / incinerator ash, limestone
  • Drying alumina, carbon black, sodium, plastics, chloride, molybdenum, waste sludge and coal
  • Heating limestone filler, petroleum coke, petro-chemicals, sand

The Holo-Flite indirectly heats or cools particles via hollow flites, shafts, and trough. Heat is transferred by using water, steam, or thermal oil, and the process can be easily controlled so that you achieve the best results possible.

The Holo-Flite easily handles extreme expansion and contraction by its patented twin pad design. This, along with very low operating speeds, ensures little or no product degradation or abrasive wear to the heat exchange surfaces. The ASME code design allows for heating applications up to 500F, and cooling applications to 1,900F.

Download the Holo-Flite Technical Data Sheet PDF

Download the Metso technical data sheet PDF for the popular Holo-Flite.

Download PDF

Millhouse Technical Services

Need to tie it all together but you just aren’t sure how to go about it? Put Millhouse Technical Services to work for you. We’ll work with multiple suppliers to develop the system that is perfect for your application – so you don’t have to!

  • System Integration
  • Vacuum System Accessories
  • Replacement Parts

Monarch II Systems

  • HDPE Silencers-Separators

Lower Costs with Silencers-Separators for Liquid Ring Pumps

Monarch II Systems offers a complete line of corrosion-resistant silencers and separators for your liquid ring pump applications. Without the silencer-separator from Monarch II Systems, industrial liquid ring vacuum pumps could create dangerous and hazardous conditions for workers.

High velocity gas and liquid mixtures discharge from your liquid ring vacuum pump into the Monarch II Systems silencer-separator. Gases are safely vented while liquid phase material is drained to waste or recycle. Simultaneously with separation, the silencer reduces noise to safe levels.

Monarch II Systems’ silencer-separators are fabricated from an innovative material called CHEVRON CP Chem. This material is extremely durable and resists degradation, unlike comparable steel silencers.

Lower your cost of ownership by up to 50% with Monarch II Systems.

Download the HDPE Silencer-Separator Spec Sheet

Interested in using a long lasting silencer-separator with your liquid ring pumps? Download the Monarch II Systems' HDPE Silencer-Separator Spec Sheet PDF.

Download Image


  • Vacuum loading and transport systems
  • Stationary vacuum systems
  • Portable vacuum systems
  • Over-the-road truck and trailer mounted systems

Vacuum Cleaning & Loading Systems by Multi-Vac

Want an efficient vacuum system from a trustworthy brand? You’ve found it in Multi-Vac! Multi-Vac’s heavy duty vacuum systems are made for industries that need reliable, safe, efficient machines that perform at a high level. Typical applications include chemical plants removing explosive or hazardous materials, food and pharmaceutical companies that need to remove liquids, dusts, chips, and particles, or power generation facilities for cleaning up coal or fly ash spills.

What makes Multi-Vac unique? Multi-Vac equipment uses a positive displacement vacuum to move air through its system. A key characteristic of this machine is its relatively fixed volumetric flow rate over a wide range of inlet pressures. In other words, this machine works harder as resistance to flow increases.

Multi-Vac vacuum systems are ideal for picking up and transporting bulk materials. Stationary and portable systems are offered.

Learn More about Vacuum Cleaning & Loading Systems

To view additional information about vacuum cleaning and loading systems, including Multi-Vac systems, please visit:

Vacuum Cleaning & Loading

Neptune Chemical Pump Co.

  • Chemical feed systems
  • Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps
  • Electronic metering pumps
  • Solar powered metering pumps
  • Mixers & agitators

Chemical Metering Pumps, Chemical Feed Systems, and Accessories

Neptune manufactures chemical metering pumps, chemical feed systems, and accessories used in many industries, such as wastewater treatment, power generation, gas and oil, chemical, and irrigation. Neptune's hydraulic and mechanical diaphragm metering pumps are used to inject chemicals into boilers, chillers, and waste water treatment facilities. You’ll find us in the process and agriculture industries.

How to Size & Select Metering Pumps & Plan a Metering Pump Installation

To help you select and install the correct pump for your application, read Neptune's PDF called, "Sizing and Selecting Metering Pumps & Planning a Metering Pump Installation."

Download PDF

Universal Blower PAC

  • Positive Displacement Blower Packages
  • Sound Enclosures

Adaptable Blower Systems

Universal Blower Pac designs and manufactures blower systems to fit your application and solve your unique needs - from affordable, compact units to very powerful systems for the most demanding applications.

Pneumatic conveying systems, bulk loading facilities, deep tank agitation/aeration, and many more use positive displacement systems by Universal Blower Pac. Both vacuum and pressure systems are available.

Learn More about Blower Systems

To view additional information about blower systems, including positive displacement blowers, please visit:

Positive Displacement Blowers

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