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Dust Detection

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Effectively Monitor Dust & Particulate Emissions

Effectively Monitor Dust & Particulate Emissions

If you’re in an industry that requires dust collection for compliance and cleaner air, you understand how these systems work. Many collectors are versatile and durable, but dust collection systems usually rely on filters, and filters may fail – many times with disastrous results.

Even if your industry isn’t mandated to monitor dust and particulates, your company could receive the benefits of reduced downtime, reduced maintenance costs, and good neighbor practices.

The solution is to find a reliable, inexpensive method to monitor and verify emissions.

Dust Detection Products from Auburn Systems

Advanced Monitoring Systems from Auburn Systems

Over 30 years ago, Auburn Systems invented a series of products that use triboelectric technology to monitor particulates. Since then, this brand continues to lead the dust detection industry and develops new types of particulate monitoring equipment.

The suite of triboelectric products from Auburn Systems is used by industrial manufacturers to:

  • Avert major filter bag leaks by creating an early-warning leak detection system
  • Monitor, record, and track particle emissions for regulatory compliance
  • Optimize maintenance schedules and production processes involving dust collectors

To learn more about the Auburn System brand, please read our brochure, Auburn Overview

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Dust Detection Systems Support Your Bottom Line

Triboelectric particulate matter measurement technology is proven to be the most reliable and cost effective solution available. In fact, this system is the only practical technology for particle flow monitoring in certain applications. Triboelectric technology keeps you compliant; it is recommended by the US EPA for particulate matter emissions monitoring.

Reduce Replacement Costs

Dust detection systems by Auburn Systems save money through early filter leak detection. By finding filter failures quickly, these systems can help prevent larger leaks.

Extend Useful Filter Bag Life

Constant particulate monitoring helps you maximize filter element life, which also saves money.

Compliance Assurance

These systems meet MACT standards (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) and are Title V (CAM) compliant.

Reduce Inspection Time

Quick, accurate, daily emissions monitoring eliminates the need for time-consuming visual inspections and record logging.

Choose from a variety of Models to Identify Bag Leaks & Emissions

Auburn Systems designs and manufactures advanced electrostatic instrumentation called the TRIBO.dsp series. This system is useful for monitoring virtually all dust emissions and process applications.

The TRIBO dust detection system uses probes to identify bag leaks or emissions. This series includes 12 models for particulate monitoring, from simple, economical designs to advanced, high-end units:

Auburn Systems U3200 Dust Detector


The U3200 is our most economical detector used for dust collector or dry solids flow applications. Two user selectable alarm contacts with no manual zeroing are provided.

Auburn Systems TRIBO.dsp U3400 Dust Detector


The U3300 incorporates a unique design for multi-point applications where minimal installation costs are essential. Incorporating an easily expandable daisy-chain design, it is suitable for small or large multi-channel dust monitoring applications.

Auburn Systems U3300 Dust Detector

TRIBO.dsp U3400

TRIBO.dsp U3400 is the industry’s first two-wire, loop powered, wide dynamic range particulate monitor for high- and low-temperature applications. The U3400 features easy installation and requires no operator-sensitivity adjustment. It's the most reliable, sensitive, and easy-to-use particulate- emissions and flow-monitoring system available today.

Auburn Systems TRIBO.dsp U3400 HART Dust Detector

TRIBO.dsp U3400 HART (U3400H)

The TRIBO.dspU3400 HART (U3400H) incorporates HART protocol, providing enhanced communication options. This easy-to-install model only requires twisted pair wiring to handle its power, analog signal, and digital communication.

Auburn Systems TRIBO.dsp U3600 Dust Detector

TRIBO.dsp U3600

TRIBO.dsp U3600 is an advanced, self-checking, particulate emissions monitor best suited for environmental compliance and dust-collector maintenance applications. The unified DC/AC design and wide dynamic range – and flexible scaling and alarm features – allows this unit to be used for many process applications.

Auburn Systems TRIBO.dsp U3800 Dust Detector

TRIBO.dsp U3800

TRIBO.dsp U3800 is a multichannel particulate monitor for emissions and/or flow applications. Each unit is capable of connecting up to six remote probes, and the U3800 features an intuitive industrial-grade touch screen that displays user-selectable views such as line chart, numerical, and bar chart views.

Auburn Systems TRIBO.vision Dust Detection Software


TRIBO.vision organizes information and provides alarm functions for a large number of devices such as emissions control systems, differential pressure, bin level, temperature, etc. to eliminate costly programming. It can be used as a stand-alone system or to complement existing data management software.

Improve Processes & Effectively Monitor Emissions

Dust detection and particulate monitoring is used to track emissions and enable industrial manufacturers to stay environmentally compliant. If your industry uses cyclones or filters for dust collection, the TRIBO series offers a reliable solution to monitor the dust produced by your application.

Auburn Systems offers effective solutions to help you face major challenges head on:

Tribowflow Dust Detection Applications

Process Improvement

Increase your bottom line when you install an effective dust detection system. Monitoring equipment by Auburn Systems can improve processes and increase efficiency in your workflow, enabling your team to do more with less downtime.

Dust detection systems by Auburn will verify loss-of-flow/blockages, monitor velocity to reduce product breakage, balance flow from multiple nozzles, save energy, reduce pollution, and monitor gas-solid two-phase flow.


Use dust detection products by Auburn Systems for early-warning of leaks, avert filter failure, stay compliant, optimize processes, and minimize downtime.

How to Choose the Right Dust Detection System

There is a variety of excellent, efficient TRIBO products to help keep your industrial manufacturing plant compliant and improve processes. Choosing the best dust detection system for your application can be complicated.

Make it easy on yourself during this process; reach out to FH Mason for advice and guidance on selecting a dust detection system that works for your application.

Ensure that you choose the correct TRIBO system for your application; Call FH Mason! You can also contact us online, or send an email to sales@fhmason.com.

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