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More Up Time, Lower O&M Costs

Liquid ring pumps offer multiple benefits to those in chemical processing, electric power, food processing, and ethanol and paper production, to name a few. These pumps can improve up time, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and produce reliable, consistent results even under high loads.

Vacuum pumps are a costly investment that can pay off well if you choose well. In fact, you can realize great value with the best pumps which operate safely and efficiently for many, many years. Your choice of liquid ring pump can greatly affect your overall cost, which makes the selection process significant.

Trust the Original NASH Liquid Ring Pump

Trust the Original NASH Liquid Ring Pump

Within our territory (view our Service Area), the liquid ring product lineup at Gardner Denver includes the NASH and Siemens-Elmo brand names. We are very enthusiastic about the partnership between these large manufacturers, as they are all well-known for high-quality products.

Constant innovation is a hallmark of this company. Most recent technological improvements to their liquid ring vacuum pumps include:

1.   Improved efficiency
2.   Reduced liquid consumption
3.   Expanded operational range of pressures and vacuums
4.   Wide range of available metallurgy

Types of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

State of the Art

NASH Vectra Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Vectra Series

XL – Vectra XL pumps were designed with the chemical industry in mind. Using state of the art design tools and input from some of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, the Nash Vectra XL takes liquid ring vacuum pumps to new levels of reliability and operational performance. Patented cone and rotor designs, discharging against back pressure, and ATEX certification are just a few of the many features of the XL

GL – Vectra GL pumps were designed for general industrial applications. Incorporating many of the same features of the XL, the GL provides a more compact design with built in mechanical seals. Fewer options leads to a lower first cost product.

SX – Vectra SX pumps blend legendary Nash features with a small pump package. Available in monoblock or lantern drive styles, the Vectra SX is also offered in water handling or high vacuum configurations. Perfect for end user or OEM applications that demand the highest quality, low cost vacuum pumps – in smaller sizes!

NASH Condenser Exhauster System with a TC/TCM Two Stage Vacuum Pump

TC/TCM Series

These two stage workhorses are perfect for higher vacuum applications in the power, chemical and process industries. With low vapor pressure seal liquids suction pressures less than 10 torr are achievable.

NASH 2BE3 Vacuum Pump


Designed for tough applications in the paper, power and chemical applications, the 2BE3 is ideal for low headroom situations. The horizontal or vertical inlets offer installation flexibility. An available center shroud even allows for split vacuum service with up to 10”Hg differential between inlet connections!

The Classics

The NASH brand is known for products that are built to last. This brand has been a reliable source of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors for more than 100 years. Due to the high demand, NASH continues to produce its Classic liquid ring pumps and compressors. Many systems installed decades ago are still in operation in plants around the world.

Read about these long-lasting pumps in the brochure, NASH Classic Liquid Ring Pumps
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NASH CL Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

CL - series

The Nash CL pump is one of the most popular products in Nash’s history. With 12 models to choose from ranging in size up to 14,000 CFM you can see why. If your process continues to enjoy the inherent reliability of a Nash CL Series pump, you can feel good knowing we’re still here to back you up with new and remanufactured equipment.

NASH SC Series Pump And Compressor

SC Series Vacuum Pumps

Developed in the 1980s, the SC Vacuum Pumps are flexible and simple to install and maintain. The SC Vacuum Pump is an extremely reliable unit used in variety of applications. Available in 9 models, the SC covers the flow range from 100 CFM to 3,200 CFM.

NASH AT Series Two Stage Vacuum Pump

Additional Classic Models to choose from:

  • 2AV/2BV Series
  • 904/905
  • AT404-3006
  • MD/AL/CD
NASH Liquid Ring Compressors


NASH Liquid Ring Compressors are the rugged, reliable solution for demanding process applications. Designed to handle highly toxic, explosive, and corrosive gases, these products have a history of reliable performance under demanding conditions without downtime for repairs or rebuilds. NASH’s ongoing research and product development continues to produce quality products and upgrades that excel under the most demanding conditions.

NASH offers a wide variety of Liquid Ring Compressors:

  • 2BE5
  • 2BQ
  • 905
  • Garo
  • HP-9
  • Vectra GL and XL
  • Vectra SX
  • Vectra XM-150


Nash offers both pre-engineered and custom vacuum and compressor packages. Choose from Once Through, Partially Recirculated or Fully Recirculated seal systems. Optional accessories are available too, for example inlet and seal liquid isolation valves, flexible connectors, flow switches Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). Of course, your imagination is the only thing limiting what Nash can provide. Talk to us about your most demanding applications and we’ll help you design a complete skid mounted system that’s perfect for your unique situation.

Liquid Ring Pumps Make Your Job Easier

Easy maintenance

1.   One moving part, no metal-to-metal contact in the compression chamber

2.   No internal lubrication required


1.   Used for vacuum and compressor operations

2.   Compatible with a wide range of seal liquids and process vapors

What are Common Applications of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps?

Vacuum pumps are used throughout Michigan in a variety of industries, including power plants, food processing, chemical, and paper.


The chemical industry relies on liquid ring vacuums to lower the pressure inside distillation columns and reactor vessels and to compress gases. Waste gas recovery helps keep you in compliance.

Paper Industry

Many Michigan paper processing plants rely on the NASH pump to remove water from the paper stock as it is moves through the paper machine. For our clients, we provide boroscope inspections to estimate the condition of installed equipment, comprehensive repair services, and, new and remanufactured equipment where appropriate.

Food Processing

We’ve worked with many plants in the food industry to process ingredients at low pressure (in a vacuum) to reduce moisture content with less chance of scorching the products. Vacuum is also used to aid in the filtration and drying of product.

Power Industry

The power industry uses a NASH pump package as a condenser exhauster. If your condenser exhausters are a very old design with limited parts availability, consider NASH liquid ring pumps. We can also help with your water box priming applications, ash handling and flue gas desulphurization.

Want to see some more applications? How about:

Michigan Manufacturers: Need a Liquid Ring Pump System?

Liquid ring pumps from Gardner Denver NASH and Siemens-Elmo offer a wide variety of time-tested and innovative product solutions. With so many options, choosing the right one can be time-consuming. Speed up the process when you Call FH Mason! You can also contact us online, or send an email to sales@fhmason.com.

Monarch II Silencer-Separator

Silencers and Separators

MONARCH II Systems Silencers and Separators

Monarch II Systems silencers/separators are fabricated in CHEVRON CP Chem™ HDPE. They are made with 150 lb. carbon, or 316s/s slip on flanges for the air/water inlet and air outlet, as well as a stainless NPT water outlet. Inlet and Discharge manifolds and custom fabrications are also available. These units are compatible with Gardner Denver NASH, NASH-Elmo liquid ring vacuum pumps and many of their competitors. Call FH Mason for a complete list of compatible products. You can also contact us online, or send an email to sales@fhmason.com.

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