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Positive Displacement Blowers

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Flexible, Custom Blowers for Unique Applications

The right positive displacement blower can increase production and reduce O&M costs, all while offering years of dependable performance. Choosing the best PD blower for your application can be a time-consuming process, especially if you’re unsure where to begin.

That’s why FH Mason is here – to help you select the correct blower for your application.

Since 1900, FH Mason sales engineers have helped companies in Michigan, northwestern Ohio, and parts of Indiana find the optimal equipment for their needs.

Durable, Long-Lasting PD Blowers from Universal Blower Pac

Durable, Long-Lasting PD Blowers from Universal Blower Pac

The Universal Blower Pac brand is our choice for positive displacement blowers. Universal Blower Pac offers reliable, high-quality solutions for many industrial manufacturers.

For an introduction to PD blowers, please read the whitepaper by Universal Blower Pac titled, Positive Displacement (PD) Blower Basics

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Types of Positive Displacement
Blower Systems

Universal Blower EXPII Express System

EXPII Express System

This new and improved blower system offers the kind of options that a standard unit can't provide. The EXPII Express features the superior quality and faster delivery you have come to appreciate, yet this PD blower comes in at a lower cost. A spring-loaded relief valve set at maximum blower pressure and a premium multi-chamber or absorptive silencer sized to maximum capacity are just two available options.

Without a battery of costly extras to drive up its price, the EXPII Express System is an affordable, high-quality positive displacement blower product. To determine whether this pre-engineered blower system is the one for you, talk to our team today.

Find out more about the EXPII Express System from Universal Blower Pac by downloading the EXPII Brochure.

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Universal Blower 3C-Pac


Compact, Custom, and Complete – that's the 3C-Pac. Designed as a plug-and-play, compact blower system, this unit also is aesthetically pleasing. And if your application requires additional monitoring and control, the 3C-Pac still fits within most budgets. In short, it is the perfect PD blower product for anyone wanting a system that is easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Want more information? Read our brochure about the 3C-Pac System from Universal Blower Pac.

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Ee-Pac Universal PD Blower Pac


We recommend the EE-Pac because it's an energy-efficient blower known for its efficiency, flexibility, and durability. Delivering pressurized air efficiently across a wide operating range, this system features an intake flow from 400-3100 CFM. It also boasts differential pressures up to 20 psig, and a 5-1 turndown capability. Customized units that operate with flows lower than 400 CFM – and up to 6000 CFM – are also an option.

FH Mason's sales team recommends the EE-Pac for situations where energy consumption and/or flexibility are concerns. It's very effective in wastewater aeration, pneumatic conveying, and many other applications. We're happy to help you determine which Universal Blower Pac PD blower is right for your specific requirements.

For additional product information, please download our brochure EE-Pac from Universal Blower Pac.

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Ee-Pac Universal PD Blower Pac - Custom System

Custom Systems

We've been in this business long enough to know that standard systems do not suit everyone's needs. For clients who require something extra, we recommend Universal Blower Pac's customized displacement blowers. FH Mason will work with UBP to design the most effective and economical PD blower solution for your needs.

All Universal Blower Pac products are engineered and fabricated in the company's manufacturing facility. There, everyone pays close attention to quality and performance and utilizes name-brand parts. The many benefits of working with Universal Blower Pac include:

  • Custom choice of blower in a standard system
  • Unequaled delivery service
  • Competitive prices
  • Three decades of blower application engineering and design experience for proper application and component selection
  • Guarantee of factory warranties on all components
EE-Pac Sound Enclosures

Sound Enclosures

As an industry professional, you do all you can to provide a positive work environment. Reducing machine noise created by your positive displacement and centrifugal blowers is a great way to achieve this goal. We recommend the sound enclosures provided by Universal Blower Pac. Each one is manufactured by UBP, and is custom fitted to your specific blower system.

UBP puts pride and quality in the manufacturing of its full and partial sound enclosures. These systems give you maximum service access while meeting the specified sound levels. UBP utilizes proven materials and manufacturing processes for use in the field.

Universal Blower Pac offers three sound enclosure options:

  • ATTENU-PAC Full System Enclosures are coupled with a premium blower system to deliver maximum noise attenuation.
  • ACOUSTI-PAC Blower Enclosures achieve 50-70 percent sound reduction of the ATTENU-PAC for most applications, and meet OSHA's 85 dBA requirement for 30 percent of the cost by enclosing only the blower.
  • Our Custom Enclosures – partial and full – are built to suit all of your individual needs.

Learn more about the benefits of sound enclosures from Universal Blower Pac.

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Benefits of Universal Blower Pac Positive-Displacement Blowers

Expert Team

The sales team for the Universal Blower Pac brand is comprised of degreed engineers applying highly technical knowledge and a solid understanding of the various aspects of the business – engineering, manufacturing, and service.

Customized Blowers

Maintaining its own CAD-based engineering department means a team of dedicated engineers designs your PD blower system. These highly trained professionals evaluate each job individually to provide you with the best service, guidance, and help regarding your positive displacement blower system.

Blower Systems Manufactured to Fit

All Universal Blower Pac brand blower systems are manufactured in-house. Controlling production means the company's departments – sales, engineering, and manufacturing – work cohesively to meet and exceed your expectations.

Service that Keeps You Running

Service technicians utilize decades of application installation and maintenance experience. Their team is factory trained and authorized to repair positive displacement blowers. And everyone at FH Mason is here to assist you before, during, and after the sale.

Warranties for your Peace of Mind

Guarantees provide peace of mind, especially with large capital investments. If problems or issues arise, you're covered under the Universal Blower Pac brand warranty and matching service. Affordable extended warranties for properly designed and maintained systems are also available.

How do I choose a Positive Displacement Blower for My Application?

The selection of an industrial blower can be time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. At FH Mason, we make it easy for any company to select the right blower to improve productivity and the bottom line. We can offer product details and answer questions so that you understand how the right blower can benefit your application.

The absolute best way to ensure that you choose the right PD blower for your plant is to Call FH Mason! You can also contact us online, or send an email to sales@fhmason.com.

Choose the right PD Blower!

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