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Engineered Vacuum Cleaning & Loading Systems

Does your industrial processing plant require engineered vacuum cleaning and loading systems? With today’s emphasis on combustible dust control, most facilities do. FH Mason services southeast Michigan, northwest Ohio, and parts of Indiana. We offer systems from Hoffman®, Lamson®, Invincible® and Multi-Vac.

How do I know which Vacuum Cleaning & Loading System is best for my application?

Vacuum loading involves moving larger quantities of material – piles, rather than everyday dust and dirt that is on floors and machinery. The type of vacuum producer is different and the ratio of material to air is much higher. Vacuum cleaning may move hundreds of pounds per hour while vacuum loaders move tons of material per hour.

Engineered Vacuum Systems

Engineered Vacuum Systems

Three brands known for excellence.

Why Hoffman®, Lamson® and Invincible®?

  • Over 100 years in the industry
  • Engineered-to-order vacuum systems
  • Pre-engineered packages
  • Central and portable systems

Want more information? Download our brochure, Hoffman and Lamson Engineered Vacuum Systems PDF

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Vacuum Loading

Why Multi-Vac?

To learn more, please read our brochure, Multi-Vac, Your Complete Industrial Vacuum Source PDF

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Types of Engineered Vacuum Systems from Hoffman® and Lamson®

Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum

Your central vacuum is a fixture in your business. Each day, these systems remove dirt and debris, transporting this waste through tubing and depositing it into a collection container. Because so much depends upon these systems, you need the dependability of Hoffman-Lamson central vacuum units and accessories:

  • An extensive line of Collectors and Separators, each with specific attributes and functions that can be modified to accommodate nearly any application.
  • Primary or Cyclone Collectors and a variety of accessories to handle large quantities of bulk solids.
  • Secondary Vacuum Collectors designed to capture the remaining material passed on from the primary unit.
Gardner Denver Engineered Vacuum Systems (EVS)


Gardner Denver’s Engineered Vacuum Systems (EVS) continue a century-long commitment to providing customers with innovative design, quality manufacturing, and unparalleled customer service. The extensive EVS product line includes T-Vac™ pre-engineered stationary systems, as well as custom-designed and engineered vacuum systems using one of our other powerful exhausters. Collector options include cyclones, tubular bag with manual or electric shaker, tubular bag with reverse pulse jet and cartridge designs. A complete line of Smooth Flow™ tubing and fittings simplifies and reduces piping loss, and a full line of accessories are available to increase efficiency.

Self-Contained Vacuum Systems

Self-Contained Vacuum Systems

These portable vacuum systems are mounted on a common frame and include the exhauster, motor, and secondary-type collector. Depending upon the desired performance, The T-VAC portable can be equipped with a Gardner Denver Regenerative, MultiFlow™, TST-Series fabricated or a T-Series four-bearing fabricated exhauster. These systems are also available in a stationary format.

Hoses, Tools, and Accessories

Hoses, Tools, and Accessories

Hoffman® , Lamson®, and Invincible® offer a complete line of cleaning accessories along with Smooth Flow™ tubing and fittings to simplify installation, reduce piping loss, and increase system efficiency. Choose from:

  • Commercial, industrial and utility vacuum hoses for your Hoffman®, Lamson®, and Invincible® vacuum system.
  • Commercial and industrial heavy duty cleaning accessories including floor rods/wands and floor tools, hand tools and adapters.
  • Vacuum hose and accessories provide flexibility to your system. Standard 1 ½” inlet valves have 1 ½” female slip joint connections for 1 ½” hoses and 2” male NPT for installation. Other sizes and styles are also available.

Types of Multi-Vac Engineered Vacuum Systems

Multi-Vac Mini and Super Mini Series Vacuum Systems

Mini and Super Mini Series

Mini and Super Mini Series are compact, industrial portable vacuums that offer a variety of functional features designed to save both space and time. Multiple options are available within each product line.

Multi-Vac Trailer & Truck Mounted Vacuum Systems

Trailer & Truck Mounted Vacuums

Both the Multi-Vac Mini and Millennium Series Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuum equipment can be mounted on trailers or trucks. These units are powered by electric, LP gas or Diesel. Multi-Vac also designs and builds custom trailer and truck units for your unique needs.

Multi-Vac Millenium Series Vacuum Systems

Millennium Series

Millennium Series industrial portable vacuums feature superior operating life while requiring minimum maintenance. The company stands by each product with its two-year warranty furnished with all Multi-Vac™ systems. With a wide range of available capacities, we can help you find the Multi-Vac™ vacuum for your application!

Each Multi-Vac™ Millennium Series features:

  • Standard two-cubic yard hopper capacity
  • "NO TOOLS REQUIRED" industrial vacuum system filter installation
  • State-of-the-art reverse pulse jet filter cleaning system
  • Positive displacement vacuum pump
Multi-Vac Special Construction Options

Special Construction Options

Special Construction Options are available for Multi-Vac self-contained units. These systems can be equipped with gasoline, LP Gas or diesel engines and an air Compressor option, making these units ideal for situations where electrical power or plant air is not available. This allows completely self-contained vacuum conveying systems to be used in remote plant areas as well as outside.

Multi-Vac Stationary Vacuum Systems

Stationary Vacuum Systems

Stationary Vacuum Systems are used in a variety of applications, including: central industrial vacuum systems, pneumatic vacuum conveying system, batching, continuous discharge, loading and unloading. The company’s four models offer a wide range of discharge valves, filter bags or cartridges, special coatings, and paint. Various leg support clearances allow for different loading containers.

Multi-Vac Accessories


Accessories are available for the wide variety of Multi-Vac Engineered Vacuum Systems, including:

  • Hoses
  • Hose Assemblies
  • Fittings
  • Couplings
  • Nozzles
  • Lift Bales
  • Hoppers
  • Cartridges
  • Filter Bags
Multi-Vac Intercept Hoppers

Intercept Hoppers

Intercept Hoppers are designed to reclaim picked up material or separate material of different bulk densities. The heavier material drops out of the air-stream into the Intercept Hopper while remaining dust and fines are collected at the main filter/receiver/hopper within the equipment being used as the vacuum source.

Benefits of the Hoffman® and Lamson® Design


Setting the standard for 100 years, the Hoffman® , Lamson®, and Invincible® brands continue to maintain the highest performance standards in the industry


Offering the most comprehensive line of Engineered Vacuum Systems in the world

The company’s products are used in a variety of services, including general housekeeping, dilute phase pneumatic conveying, product reclamation, and hazardous/combustible dust control

Benefits of the Multi-Vac Design

Long Service Life

Conservative design standards provide superior operating life span while requiring minimum maintenance

The company’s 2-year warranty with all Multi-Vac systems illustrates the company’s confidence in its equipment

Minimal Maintenance

No Tools Required means exactly as it sounds, providing immediate access to filters and cages

Made in the USA

Offering the most comprehensive line of Engineered Vacuum Systems in the world

All Multi-Vac systems are made at the company’s Union Grove, Wisconsin plant, allowing for greater quality control

The company handles custom applications, providing a wide variety of specifications and features

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